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Shaping success through fresh perspectives and practical insights

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Drshti is a technology enabled Strategic Consulting and Marketing Research firm headquartered in Mumbai, India, offering our services in India and SE Asia. We were established in December 1994 and have several awards to our name. We focus on providing information based strategic perspective, and have a philosophy of questioning established norms and theory, in our search for thinking that works. We have assisted various companies in turning around and in building strong brands.

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What We Do

Empowering Decision-Makers with Data-Driven Strategies

We use multiple qualitative and quantitative research methods to converge at solutions to strategic issues and questions. Our solutions are based on intelligent analysis and insight, and a deep understanding of what consumers really need.

The design of every project is customized to the contours of the need from which it arises. We are solution driven in our approaches.

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Consumer Insight & Culture understanding
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A quirky cartoon look at research, marketing, brands, consumers and everything else astronomical to microscopic. Now a cartoon column on Research World by ESOMAR.

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Drshtians gather insights way beyond brands they research. They are avid foodies, photographers and culture junkies, curious about every new place they visit! Sample their experiences through this blog.

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