Meet Our Team

We have a vibrant, multi-disciplinary assembly of Psychologists and Management Grads, Engineers and Writers and many more – unified by their curiosity and interest in understanding consumer minds.

A K Balaji Prasad, Managing Director

PGDM from IIM Calcutta with over 20 years of experience, Balaji started with MARG, Bombay before becoming the Branch Head at MBA (now Gallup) in 1991, GM at SAMIR – Mudra in 1993 before setting up Drshti in 1994.

A much sought after strategist, his perspectives and acumen guide the business directions provided for each study that Drshti undertakes. He is also an acknowledged expert in areas such as Conjoint and multivariate analysis. He is the primary developer of InfoMonsta, involved in the speccing and in the evolution of the offering. He is an avid observer of social change and evolving technologies, and is a natural innovator in the space.

Shobha Prasad, Director

Shobha started her career at MARG, Bombay about 2 decades ago before moving into advertising in account planning and client management at Sista’s Advertising (now Saatchi & Saatchi) and O & M respectively. She returned to research thereafter to start the qualitative division at Drshti.

Shobha has presented award winning papers at the ESOMAR and MRSI conferences and is known for her thought provoking and often disruptive papers. Her natural interest is in the areas of culture change and impact on behaviour. Keynote speaker at Australian Marketing and Social Research (AMSRS) Conference, Melbourne 2017

Now a published cartoonist with a regular column on Research World, and ESOMAR publication. She is the creator of SHOBSERVATORY for her range of cartoon observations

Kavita Ghosh
Senior Research Director

With a keen nose for culture Kavita picks upon all those little cultural quirks that may escape the average eye. She loves travelling to new places, experiencing different cultures and food and has a rich trove of anecdotes from all her experiences.

Mahalakshmi Venkataraman
Senior Research Director

The gentle and soft spoken exterior hides a razor-sharp mind and a quirky sense of humour. Once a practicing Counselor she has seamlessly transferred her skills to understanding the psychology behind consumer behaviour. She is a voracious reader and picks up information from all sorts of sources which she shares with great generosity.

Darshan Dhirai
Senior Research Manager

Guided by curiosity and the foodie in him, he enjoys understanding different people and exploring the food they have to offer. With an experience that encompasses traditional and online conversational research, he tries to search for new ways to reach the chunks of information buried within.

Shipra Mishra
Research Director

Free spirited and adventurous, Shipra’s loves range from road trips, and adventure sports to Pani Puri and other street foods. She brings a lot of energy to the team. Her basic degree in Pharma and her Masters in Business are a great combination for our Pharma research!

Nikita Pal
Research Manager

A bundle of positive energy – nothing is impossible in her world. Bright and never afraid of expressing herself, she is a lover of dogs, music and shopping. Her Masters in Management only enhanced the managerial talent she already has in abundance.

Sunita Haloi
Research Manager

Armed with a BA in Geography, a PGD in Computer Applictions and in Digital Marketing, this lady from Assam brings a cheerful energy to her work and loves Dogs, Web-streaming, Chill and Chai.

Masud Uz Zaman
Associate Research Manager

A multicultural background including years spent in Chennai, Kolkata and Nagpur, this talented man plays drums, guitar and sings. His hobbies also include listening to Audiobooks and talking to cab drivers!

Soumya Pal
Senior Research Associate

This lady moved from being a research scientist in the US- she has an MS in Biology form the University of Michigan, to a different type of research. Her interest in her field still continues and she takes up tutoring students who aspire to Science. She loves Paper Craft, Embroidery, Jewellery Design, Cooking and Reading.

Madhushree Pratap
Research Associate

A Masters in Economics and Advanced Diploma in German from Bonn University, this super organised super efficient lady makes sure operations are impeccable. In her free time she loves travelling, trekking ,dance/ music and exploring food joints!

Jacintha Jaiswal
Administration Manager

Always gentle and smiling, she keeps the office ticking, is the go-to person for all sorts of odds things. Watching TV, NEWS, Cooking Experiments are her favorite pastimes!

Premnarayan Mishra
Manager – QC & Operations

The kingpin of field operations. He loves staying abreast of latest news, current affairs, and reads books on analytical skills.

Hemali Gala

You will always know when Hemali is around as the sound levels automatically rise. Travel, music, dancing, Indian food are her passions.

Chetan Jain

Smart and always calm, he loves Bollywood music, Biographies, and good food.