Infomonsta is a Drshti’s proprietary platform for online / digital consumer surveys.

With its growing applicability in scalable market research through online survey and targeted analysis capabilities, Infomonsta establishes a bridge between traditional Qualitative and Quantitative research methods by finding the right TG and recording digital surveys to ratify and extrapolate traditional findings.

Infomonsta is the professional researchers’ tool. Designed for resilience in field deployments across third world countries, it features a functionality that facilitates data collection without the need for a network collection. It also facilitates location and time stamping to ensure authenticity on android devices in-app. With dynamic data collection functionality, the ability to create closed respondent panels and dashboards for insight elaboration, it can cater to multiple applications of data collection, both in and out of market research.

Just like online and offline shopping, traditional and online research are meant to co-exist. Infomonsta is our way of keeping pace with the future of the industry. With the exponential increase of digital data collection methods, Infomonsta keeps us ahead of the curve.

Things you can expect InfoMonsta to do:

  • Track quantitative surveys live and apply instant modifications and clarifications
  • Ratify traditional findings through online quantified analysis
  • Filter biases and remove bottle necks of traditional research through online analysis and technology.
  • Provide a wide Range of Data Collection Functionality for dynamic data collection
  • Target Respondents through online social platforms such as Facebook & Twitter
  • Facilitate multimedia Responses, allowing you to click and upload images as well as audio recordings as part of the response types.
  • Create closed respondent panels and insight dashboards for a variety of quantitative applications.
  • Time, Location and Inter-response tracking ability to ensure field authenticity and data integrity.

*Note: InfoMonsta usage for online research is subject to suited research problems and respondent availability.

InfoMonsta (Measurement partner for MRSI seminars)

The InfoMonsta software built to capture insights through mobile devices and the web.

2013 – 2014 : Judging on field force
2014 – 2015 : Judging + Audience Poll
2015 – 2016 : Full fledged panel app used for audience poll

  • Designs forms, collects data on web and android and analyzes
  • Android app on user device allows you direct access to TG for surveys
  • A cookie to track users & web browsing behavior
What does this allow ?
  • Q & A surveys
  • Tracking of social and purchase behavior within the signed up universe
  • Linking behavior to stimuli, e.g. advertising, discounts, etc.
The next steps
  • InfoMonsta API which will allow the above within any android app
  • Windows and IOS versions
  • Creating a large signed up universe

DIY Tools for Marketers

DIY Q & A research on your field force
DIY direct to consumer Q & A on panel
Web behaviour tracking
Linking web behaviour to Q & AList item

InfoMonsta Products 

InfoMonsta Sales Force – Track your sales force and order booking
InfoMonsta ‘Distribution Planner’ (Map based) – Analyze your distribution network and plan accordingly
InfoMonsta Events – Measure events ( feedback, audience poll) and provide necessary materials ( kit , map, etc.) to all attendees.
InfoMonsta Employees – Understand your employee’s satisfaction level
InfoMonsta KYC – Sales force product for BFSIList item