The Flavor Trail



Our client wanted to discover a new series of juices and drinks. Drshti took on an exploratory study to uncover fruit flavours pan India. The idea was to unearth traditional as well as popular fruit based drinks and identify the ‘twist’ that brought in the magic to the concoction. In order to decipher the layers of varied fruit juices and spices/condiments, we undertook the study in 2 phases :

Phase 1 : Flavour Trail: researchers as well as clients together explored the popular drinks of various regions pan India. These were subsequently analysed, culminating in a report with the key emerging themes from the flavour trail – pan India as well as region specific ones

Phase 2: A day long workshop in which the emerging flavour themes like ‘fire & Ice’, ‘the dark side’, ‘the thirst quencher’, ’good for you’, ’Decadent Indian’ et al were decoded as well as the participants experienced the regional flavours, wherein they tasted the drink – guessed the base, combination of fruits as well as the condiments and in the process link it back to the themes discussed earlier on

This methodology of open ended exploration and experiencing varied fruit based drinks and uncovering the ‘kick’ that made it popular was to inspire the R&D to create varied flavours for candies in the future

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