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Drshti is a technology enabled Strategic Consulting and Marketing Research firm headquartered in Mumbai, India, offering our services in India and SE Asia. We were established in December 1994 and have several awards to our name. We focus on providing information based strategic perspective, and have a philosophy of questioning established norms and theory, in our search for thinking that works. We have assisted various companies in turning around and in building strong brands.

What We Do

We use multiple qualitative and quantitative research methods to converge at solutions to strategic issues and questions. Our solutions are based on intelligent analysis and insight, and a deep understanding of what consumers really need.

The design of every project is customised to the contours of the need from which it arises.

Consumer Insight & Culture understanding

Product Innovation and Evolution

Human Resource & Corporate Culture

Brand Understanding & Assessment

Customer / User Experience

Communication Evolution & Testing

Projects We have Done

The year was 2008. Royal Enfield was at a crossroads as to how to plan their portfolio, leveraging brand strengths while correcting for weaknesses.

Drshti partnered RE over a 5 year period :

initially understanding the Royal Enfield Brand DNA of the mother brand and sub brands through ethnographic immersions and ride outs with Enfield users, rider clubs.

User experience also guided design and portfolio decisions.
Internal insighting workshops created consumer sensitivity within the organisation

When new designs emerged, we conducted quantitative bike clinics and product tests to evolve their new offerings. The highly successful Royal Enfield Classic, and many sub brands thereafter, emerged from this process. To date, Drshti is closely involved with Royal Enfield brands and continues to test their products prior to launch.

A leading shaving products company wanted a deep understanding of the small town Indian male and approached us.

We did a video-ethnographic research carefully designed to ensure that we were able to convey visually the lifestyle and attitudes of the small town Indian male, without being intrusive.

The study was not only successful in obtaining high quality insight, but also was presented as a series of films, carefully edited to meet international standards.

We evolved Rear Window with this research and laid down some best practices for video-ethnography based on our experiences in this study.

Our client wanted to discover a new series of juices and drinks. Drshti took on an exploratory study to uncover fruit flavours pan India. The idea was to unearth traditional as well as popular fruit based drinks and identify the ‘twist’ that brought in the magic to the concoction. In order to decipher the layers of varied fruit juices and spices/condiments,
we undertook the study in 2 phases :

Phase 1 : Flavour Trail: researchers as well as clients together explored the popular drinks of various regions pan India. These were subsequently analysed, culminating in a report with the key emerging themes from the flavour trail – pan India as well as region specific ones

Phase 2: A day long workshop in which the emerging flavour themes like ‘fire & Ice’, ‘the dark side’, ‘the thirst quencher’, ’good for you’, ’Decadent Indian’ et al were decoded as well as the participants experienced the regional flavours, wherein they tasted the drink – guessed the base, combination of fruits as well as the condiments and in the process link it back to the themes discussed earlier on

This methodology of open ended exploration and experiencing varied fruit based drinks and uncovering the ‘kick’ that made it popular was to inspire the R&D to create varied flavours for candies in the future.

A leading paints major approached us to help evolve their fashion colour palette for the forthcoming year. This would guide their entire colour projection for the next year.

We formed a core team with their core marketing and their in house architect/ interior designer experts and followed a phased pattern involving the following :

  • A colour scan based on cross category use of colour in décor, to arrive at the trending colours across the country, analysed against the backdrop of culture
  • Involvement of leading Sociologists, Design experts, Film Designers, etc. to help interpret and ratify emerging themes, evolving them further
  • A consumer scan of homes of select Lead Consumers to arrive at trends from the consumer perspective
  • Analysis and presentation of themes to the internal team who then used these to evolve these further using the research inputs
  • Creative workshop involving leading experts to ratify the themes and create mood boards that helped their creative expression

This process led to the evolution of the Fashion Colours for the year, a study where we worked very closely with the client team.

How do you differentiate your pension plan from others in a parity market?

Aegon Religare needed a strong relevant human insight to peg a clutter breaking campaign.

Drshti conducted a multi method qualitative study using Focus Groups and In depth interviews to arrive at key insights on the category.

The biggest insight that we came back with:
Pension Planning is a shot in the dark- a decision made based on pure conjecture and total lack of credible information

Aegon Religare created an entire campaign on this insight popularly known as “KILB” – kam insurance lene ki bimari
The campaign was a huge success and raised queries for the plan significantly


Welcome to Shobservatory: Shobha’s Observations of all things Molecular to Astronomical- conceptualised and illustrated.

Cartoons and stories, based on Shobha’s observations of daily life, work life, home life, in short all life and life forms big and small, tiny and minuscule…

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Shobha’s Observations of all things Molecular to Astronomical- conceptualised and illustrated.


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