Our story:

The word “Drshti” means “vision” in the language Sanskrit. Drshti was born in December 1994, with the vision of providing clarity of perspective and insight that lies beyond the obvious, helping companies take enlightened decisions.

We focus on providing strategic perspective anchored in information, and have a philosophy of questioning established norms and theory, in our search for thinking that works.

We have over the years assisted various companies in turning around and in building strong brands. We are based out of Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore in India, and our operations are spread across urban and rural India across all four zones of the country.

Pronouncing “Drshti”: You may have noticed that the word Drshti does not have an “I” in the middle. This is because the Sanskrit word uses neither the “I” nor the “u” but a vowel that combines the two. Feel free to pronounce it as if there were an ‘I’ in the middle.