• Comprehensive Brand Tracking model that measures:
      • Brand health status and its movement over time
      • Communication Effectiveness, creative impact and brand contribution.

    • Adds distribution and purchase point dynamics to the BASETRAKTM to give a 360 degree track of the brand.

    • A new brand launch tracking model - A 360 degree approach that evaluates a launch from the trade and consumer point of view and identifies correctives and predicts shares.

    • A multi level brand equity measurement system.

    • A model that defines the value drivers at various prices, in a concept-use test environment.

    • A methodology to define price value structure in a category. Can be used for product line, price optimization and new product development.

    • A utility based model for product design.

    • A model for understanding the catchment area for stores.

    • A methodology which measures performance based on satisfaction, loyalty and value drivers in the category.


  • Brand Research
    Multivariate Moelling based work on
    • Segmentation and Position (Simple stage and Multi stage)
    • Brand tracking and modeling
    • Value analysis and segmentation
    • Benefit/attitudinal segmentation and positioning

  • Developmental Research
    • Product design and development, pricing plays!

  • Audits
    • Image measurement
    • Retail Store Audits
    • Retail Performance

  • Miscellaneous
    • Opinion polling
    • Retail shop store designed based on image and needs modelling
    • Demand and Share forecasting
    • Ad Test/ Product Test / Concept Testing / Ad and product evaluation

  • Customer Propensity Analytics (On behavior, payments etc)
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